Audience Kit

Version 1.2

A robust audience management platform for mobile marketers.

Special Highlight: The new Card Builder in Audience Kit

A more elegant, more sophisticated way to construct audience segments

Create audience segments using a builder interface

Powerful Audience Construction

Craft precise audience segments for advertising campaigns, and to support your re-marketing and retention strategies. Enrich your audience insights with real-time data, and build a comprehensive profile of your audiences.

Re-marketing and Engagement

Create segments based on sophisticated chains of behavioral-conditions, and programmatically engage with each segment through re-marketing ads, engagement campaigns or in-app notifications.

Machine Learning and Lookalike Modeling

Use first-party or third-party machine learning algorithms to generate entirely new sets of audience that exhibit traits that are strongly similar to that of your curated audience segments. These (behavior-based) audiences often perform much better than conventionally defined (demographic-based) audience segments.

CRM for Mobile Marketers

Audience Kit delivers a comprehensive view of your audience’s behavioral preference. Learn their lifetime value (LTV), potential spending patterns, their in-app purchase (IAP) history, and their user journey in your mobile app.

  • 4:22 pm: Add-to-Cart

    Reach buyers who have expressed in-market behavior and purchase intentions

  • 7:19 pm: Upgrade in-game Character

    Acquire gamers with a known history of making in-app purchases in a similar genre

  • 10:30 pm: Bookmark for Later

    Deliver targeted content to the right audience based on the content they interact most with across all your mobile apps

A 360-degree view on each of your customer


Sophistication Meets Simplicity

Data technology for mobile marketers. From HyperGrowth.

A pricing plan that works for everybody.

Turn data into your competitive advantage. Starting from Free.

  • First 5,000 profiles
  • Subsequent 20,000 profiles
    5,001 – 25,000th profiles
  • Subsequent 50,000 profiles
    25,001th – 75,000th profiles
  • Subsequent profiles
    Beyond your 75,000th profiles
  • Free
  • $0.02
    per profile
  • $0.01
    per profile
  • $0.006
    per profile

All Audience Kit subscription account comes with full support for:

Unlimited cross-app tracking: Track across as many apps as you like, across both iOS and Android.
Unlimited segments:Create as many Audience Cards as you need to, using an intuitive segment builder interface.
Unlimited exports:Export your audience to Facebook, MailChimp or your preferred medium as often as you like.
No hidden feesNo commission-based fee, no middlemen charges.

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